Tax Planning

If you’re not being proactive or intentional with your tax situation, you could be needlessly throwing away hard-earned dollars you could’ve kept in your pocket.

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Tax Preparation

Tree of Life Insurance can help you to build the best possible tax strategy for your company. Tax preparation will help you and your business to understand taxes and to have all prepared for the tax deadline.
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Back Taxes Owned

We encourage you to begin tax planning as early as possible in the year so that you have ample time to adapt and take the steps towards tax savings. We take a look at the big picture and the time to learn about your business and family goals so we can help you implement those strategies.

Non-Filled Tax Return

Non-Filled Tax Return are taxes owed from a prior year. A taxpayer may be behind in paying taxes for intentional or unintentional reasons. If the taxpayer doesn't file a tax return, the failure to file penalty is 0.5% of the amount due.